About M-Pact, Inc.

Professional H/R Support Consultants

A client described us best, as a boutique consulting firm. He said he preferred working with boutique firms because:

  • We’re hungry,
  • More customer-service oriented,
  • Adaptable, and
  • Responsive to the client’s needs.

He contrasted us to the our large, national competitors who simply say “This is what we do so just pick one of our service-packages that you can afford.”

Better services at lower prices

M-Pact’s founder and principle consultant, Bruce MacDonald says,

“That client was right. We are a boutique shop! We don’t want to mirror the competitors. Instead we win a lot of their business. We can offer better service at a lower cost because we’re not carrying their overheads and paying-off the investors. We’re particularly adept at working with Production / Manufacturing / Distribution employees (entry-level to departmental and division level management such as General Managers).

The large national firms are good at working with “C” and V.P. level executives but often aren’t as good at working with middle management, staff and production / warehouse employees. M-Pact, Inc. really excels in that niche, and that’s where the greatest need is. We fill the high volume niche, such as providing the entire outplacement (resume writing & job search coaching) program in a division closure. We’ve managed the outplacement programs at multiple plant closures with over 1,000 employees at each division. Once we’ve helped these employees, they go out of their way to tell our clients just how much they enjoyed working with us. Large national firms cannot generate that kind of positive feedback. They can’t or don’t know how to manage a plant closure nor do they have the consultants who can relate to production & warehouse employees. Some won’t accommodate the employees by leading  seminars for the 3rd shift staff – we do!  We write resumes for production employees. Large national firms only teach them how to write a resume, when the reality is that many of these employees simply do not have the required English literacy skills and can’t write their own resumes.

These are just a few of the reasons that clients come to us rather than the large national firms. We stand out against them, and do not just mirror or duplicate their services.”

Founded in I992, M-Pact. lnc. serves Manufacturing and Logistics Service providers including Warehousing / Shipping / Distribution Center / Material Handling and Trucking businesses plus Service Sector employers including Government / NGO’s / multiple Chamber of Commerce organizations plus Business Development agencies who conduct business and/or have operations and divisions throughout the United States and Canada.

The Professional Associates of our company have years of experience in:

  • Executive Search
  • Human Resource Management and Strategic Leadership
  • Candidate Identification and Research
  • Personality & Career Profile Testing and Assessment
  • Career Counseling, Resume & Cover Letter writing and Job Search Coaching
  • Outplacement and Spouse Relocation support, and
  • Business Operations and Financial Leadership
  • Training & Development

M-Pact, Inc. assists clients with:

  • Executive and managerial candidate search
  • Attraction
  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Training
  • Development
  • Relocation and, when necessary,
  • Reduction and career transition counseling

References available upon request

While we honor and respect our clients’ confidentiality, many of our clients are pleased to provide references and referrals for our service upon request.